Leading on reporters at press conferences is not leading.“ 

- SUPER SLAM by  Rep. Paul Ryan on the floor of the House.

Sorry Burns, I’ve kept my mouth shut for too long. This video is pure horseshit. Get ready for a longwinded post.

First things first. I keep hearing the same shit over and over from Republicans: “We cant tax our way out of this problem.” 

Bullshit. It’s very clever and insidious the way this is worded so as to seem like the Democrats are seeking to impose huge tax increases on everyone. No one on the left is arguing we should raise taxes on small businesses or the middle and working classes. The only tax increases that have been proposed by Democrats are letting the Bush tax cuts expire, something that Republicans keep spinning as a tax increase, even though the original legislation intended for the tax cut to expire in 2010. It’s like saying a retail store is raising its prices because a sale ends - in other words, BULLSHIT! In this debate, raising taxes on the top 1% of earners has been taken off the table by Republicans. Its the same shit all over again.

It’s funny to me that Paul Ryan is giving the Obama administration all the credit for increasing the federal deficit, when in fact he was a big proponent for extending the Bush tax cuts last year (which the non-partisan Pew Charitable Trusts estimated would increase the deficit by about $3 trillion over the next 10 years)

Back in 2010, in a compromise with Republicans (something Paul Ryan keeps claiming Obama doesn’t do), Obama twice conceded to extend the Bush tax cuts, but only for people making less than $250k a year, then $1 mil a year after the first was rejected. Both measures failed and it became clear that Republicans would not vote for any measure unless tax cuts would also be extended for people making millions of dollars a year.

Here’s the truth. Republicans complaining about taxes are full of shit. The stimulus bill lowered taxes for 95% of the country. People keep parroting that the corporate tax rate is high, but corporations are effectively paying a much lower rate (hint: if you’re gonna argue that corporations resort to dastardly measures to avoid paying taxes, that’s doesn’t paint your corporate heads in a very favorable light). It’s funny that Paul Ryan blasts the stimulus bill for not lowering unemployment, while also arguing that lower taxes create jobs. Well guess what: corporations aren’t paying a drastically low effective tax rate, and unemployment is still high. And median CEO pay increased by 27% last year, while the rest of us common fucks got a 2.8% median increase. It’s particularly audacious that Paul Ryan is claiming this debt deal closes tax loopholes. That’s also bullshit (seeing a theme?)

And I haven’t even gotten into how that stupid fucking chart he shows to illustrate the “drivers of debt” conveniently leaves out all military and discretionary spending which is a big fucking chunk of the budget. But cutting the defense budget is off the table for some reason.

I could get into how I think the Republicans in congress are fucking sleazy and are bought out by corporations (who in some cases even WRITE LEGISLIATION), but that’s for another time, perhaps when another bad video is posted.

In short, the only thing Paul Ryan SUPER SLAMMED is his DICK in his EAR.

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